BankVerve is a comprehensive software product, focused to automate the banking processes in small to medium sized banks. The software has core banking division and doorstep banking division. The software has a very robust architecture to suit the business need of a bank. The business requirements are created as products within the application. Multi language support is available in the software. Multi branch option gives the customer to perform banking from any branch. Some of the major modules of Bankverve core are KYC module, Savings Account, Current Account, Term Loans, Fixed Deposits, Pigmy collection, Recurring Deposits, Lockers. Doorstep banking application is developed on Android platform and can be used in tablets, smartphones for banking. Some of the modules include the pigmy collection, Recurring deposits, loan collection and fixed deposit collection.

Core banking Modules   

  • Core entities including Customer, General Ledger and System Administration,Inward and Outward bills

  • Current Account, Savings Account,Term Deposits, Term Loans,Daily Deposits, Pigmy,Shares.

  • Lockers, Standing Instructions,Clearing.

  • Bank Interest Charges, Commission Charges,Bill Discounts

  • Limits, Fund Transfers,Remittences.